Training Strategic Leaders for a Changing World

The men of Issachar were the strategic leaders of their day, "who understood the times and knew what Israel should do." I Chronicles 12:32

The Terra Nova Project is developing a new generation of strategic leaders with both the character and skill to navigate through the storms ahead and succeed in serving and planting churches, starting new businesses, and establishing relevant missions projects on the field.

Discipleship Training School

The first phase of strategic leadership development is the Discipleship Training School (DTS), which establishes a solid foundation of character discipleship and biblical worldview. Too many leaders eventually suffer some kind of moral collapse as the weight of responsibility in ministry or business is added on top of a weak character foundation. The DTS gives future and current leaders something to build on.

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360 Experience: YWAM 9 Month Internship

A "Gap Year" to prepare you for launch...

Each year many incoming freshmen, as well as students already attending college consider the possibility of a "gap year." Students who take gap years often report that the experience was highly rewarding. Many spend time working, traveling or studying independently.

We have designed a nine-month YWAM internship that will provide the opportunity for God to transform your life and prepare you for your next step. You might be struggling with what you want to do or who you want to be. 360 Experience is a relational discipleship thrust for people called to the marketplace, the local church and to develop a new missions awareness.

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School of International Relations and Global Strategic Thinking

The world needs leaders who understand the times...

This school is designed to train both emerging and established leaders to better understand global dynamics and help them to impart informed strategy into their teams, churches, or organizations they lead. We need leaders who understand how to look at changing world dynamics and create strategies to impact the world for the Kingdom of God in these times!

Our school will use the lens of international relations, the leading strategic indicator in the world, to train new missions strategists. Our goal is to develop mission leaders who will help the Church rise up and bless the nations. We want to see the Church expand into the nations, and this school will help train leaders in a long-term movement to reach the whole world and bring it under the reign of Christ. Students will learn how to take experience and reason from the sphere of government and use this knowledge as a catalyst for the Church to reintegrate with relevancy around the world.

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