"A New Mission"
Intro to Terra Nova Project

Welcome to the Terra Nova Project

We are a global missions project focused on seven "must reach" regions of the world today.

These regions are like spiritual and cultural tsunami waves, each triggered by an interference pattern of politics, culture, economics, and spirituality, and they are gaining speed and force. There is no place on earth that is not affected by these spreading waves.

What We Do

We integrate local churches, church networks, international ministries, and established missions groups to focus coordinated effort into the seven critical regions.

The Terra Nova Project believes in true partnership. We want to help you to launch your church planters and evangelists into today's strategic mission fields.

  • Have you already identified church planters and evangelists in your church? We offer modular training by seasoned missionaries with real-world experience. All courses follow a proven live/learn model which blends classroom time with immediate application in campus life and out on the mission field.
  • Want to ensure that your church planters will be as effective as possible? We have a wide array of field placement opportunities — from a few weeks to a few years or a lifetime — that produce measurable results. Your church planters and evangelists stay connected with you while working alongside seasoned missionaries.
  • Don't have missionary candidates in your church yet? We can connect you with established church planters and projects, giving your missions program a fast-track to success.
  • Need help putting together a short term mission trip? We can do the heavy lifting of targeting and planning mission trips that accelerate long term church planting strategies.
  • Want to make sense of the torrent of world news and emerging trends? We offer strategy consultations and global briefings for your pastors and staff.

For more information about becoming a Terra Nova Project partner, email partnership@terranovaproject.org, or simply register to join.

What's with the name?

Terra Nova is Latin for "New Earth" and expresses our confidence in both the power of the Gospel to transform lives and nations and the unshakable purposes of God throughout all of history.