"A New Mission"
Intro to Terra Nova Project

Where are we in spiritual history?

We are living in one of the most critically important seasons in all of spiritual history. It is a season of profound transition and change in which the entire world seems to be writhing in turmoil of one kind or another.

  • Political polarization has hyper-charged what should be reasonable dialogue with venom and hate speech. Each election season in the US seems to get meaner and more divided.
  • Economic turbulence is causing real financial hardship and, even more importantly, multiplying fear and anxiety. People, ministries, and even whole nations have slipped into risk avoidance instead of expansion and entrepreneurialism.
  • Ideological extremism has energized a warfare model of terror and intimidation. The old rules don't apply and the "enemy" is much harder to identify.

I Chronicles 12:32 tells us about "...[the] men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do." They were the strategists of their day for God's Kingdom here on earth. They understood the spiritual season they were living in, and the geo-political dynamics happening all around them. They also understood God's goals for the world they were living in, and what the people of God should do to accomplish those goals.

I would like to invite you join the Terra Nova Project as we set our hearts be like the men of Issachar. This season of change holds amazing opportunities to highlight the changeless purposes of God and the good news of the Gospel. This is the best time for churches and ministries to rise up and pursue the call of God in global missions.

Email us at partnership@terranovaproject.org to find out more, or simply register to join.

Until All Have Heard...
Fred Markert
Director, Terra Nova Project

Fred Markert

After becoming a Christian in Berlin, Germany in 1973, Fred pastored a church of young people involved in Bible smuggling and ministry to the underground church of communist Eastern Europe. He graduated from Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX in 1977, and then joined Youth With A Mission.

Fred's ministry has taken him to 150 countries over the past 30 years and allowed him to collaborate on projects with a wide array of churches, denominations, mission agencies, universities and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Today Fred leads Youth With A Mission Network for Strategic Initiatives (YWAM NSI), an international networking team which identifies and coordinates large-scale ventures, and the Terra Nova Project (TNP), which integrates local churches, church networks, international ministries, and YWAM locations in order to focus coordinated effort into the seven strategic initiative regions of the world.