"A New Mission"
Intro to Terra Nova Project

Where We Focus

As a result of intense seasons of prayer, frequent travel to "spy out the land", and quite a bit of hard work doing political, historical, and spiritual research, we have identified seven Strategic Initiatives that are critical in our world today. These are the end goal of everything we do:


A nation with the potential to disrupt the world as it hovers on the edge between hardline Islamic totalitarianism and youthful hunger for freedom.


An emerging global superpower with 1.3 billion people and a driving ambition to dominate the world with military, economic, and technical power.

Northern India

Home to the most ancient and entrenched spiritual strongholds and dark religions, and the highest concentration of unreached peoples.

Middle East

The heart of the Muslim world with new opportunities for the Gospel in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Central Asia

A region rich in culture and oil wealth that has been targeted by aggressive Islam but longs for modernization and a place on the world stage.


Where centuries of Christian heritage is in retreat from an onslaught of secularization and new-age spirituality, and where Islam is rapidly growing through immigration and proselytization.

The Sahel

A bloody fault-line between expansionist Islam in Northern Africa and a still-maturing Christianity in the South.

The Terra Nova Project integrates local churches, church networks, international ministries, and established missions locations in order to focus coordinated effort into the seven strategic initiative regions of the world.