Join a Growing Dedicated Team

The Terra Nova Project integrates local churches, church networks, international ministries, and established missions groups in order to focus coordinated, sustained effort into the seven strategic initiative regions of the world.

As a networking ministry that is growing quickly, we have staff openings for godly men and women who want to devote their skills in the following specialties:

⟩ Accountant ⟩ Bookkeeper ⟩ Administrator
⟩ Graphic Designer ⟩ Web Developer ⟩ Writer
⟩ Journalist ⟩ Videographer ⟩ Video Editor
⟩ Chef ⟩ Facilities Manager ⟩ Events Manager
⟩ IT Staff ⟩ Hospitality Coordinator ⟩ HR/Personnel Director
⟩ Project Managers ⟩ Disciplers ⟩ Frontline Workers

Terra Nova Project staff serve as volunteers who meet their financial needs by partnering with friends and churches who support their ministry. Staff have completed the Discipleship Training School or the Crossroads Discipleship Training School.

Email staff@terranovaproject.org to find out more about joining the team!